Wear The House has designed a capsule collection for 800 Tailor that will take you from day to night and offer you the opportunity to enjoy, style, and restyle your pieces throughout the year. We offer you classic tailoring perfect for all occasions over the festive period.

800 Tailor is a personalized and contemporary home delivery and pickup tailoring service. Sara quotes " It was created to provide our clientele with a specialized tailoring service that is accessible from anywhere and is completely stress free." 800 Tailor offer a multitude of services from minimal alterations to customizing an entire wardrobe. 2020 was a pivotal year for them, it allowed them to test unique business models and helped them to identify new opportunities which paved the way for the collaboration with Wear The House. Sara quotes "The best things to come out of this year was connecting with different business owners and seeing our community of creatives come together to support each other, It has truly been amazing!"

The ‘Christmas and New Year party’ scene is going to be a little different this year, but there is no reason why we shouldn’t still get dressed up and feel good at home, you can even have matching cushions, producing the perfect party at home vibe.

The collection features:

Two party dresses - one a discotastic silver organza fabrication which we have pleated and and finished with vintage style puff sleeves, a very 70’s studio 54 style dress that could easily be imagined on Bianca Jagger.

The second dress - in pink taffeta, an off-shoulder number with removable puff sleeves, a dress that you can transform depending on your mood.

You can even customize the length, making the dress longer.

A supremely contemporary trouser suit -  with a very clean neckline cut and masculine high waisted, wide legged trouser.  The suit is available in black and nude linen for a day time look, but also in the silver organza to carry on the party vibe.

Again with the trousers, they can also be shortened to shorts, if you prefer a short to a trouser.

Crop tops - Featuring a tie fastening in pink, black, silver and nude, all reversible with your preferred colour and fabric combination, make the perfect styling piece for underneath the suit and/or styled over a shirt or t-shirt.

Perfectly pleated skirts - in silver and pink/black taffeta which can also be styled with the crop tops for an evening look or with a cosy knit or tee for day-time styling.

The Concept

We understand that every woman is different, in size, shape and personal taste, and we know that this can make buying clothes a frustrating and unsatisfying experience.  We aim to change this.   This collection offers high quality, bespoke clothing at ready to wear prices. We do not pre-manufacture, so there is no over production or waste, and this keeps our costs down, and ensures we are reducing our impact on the environment.

Enjoy the experience of personal tailoring, either by visiting our Atelier, or we will meet you at your home to identify your needs and preferences and take measurements to ensure a perfect fit for all our pieces.

A Demonstration

We have styled 6 different women, in a wide range of shapes and sizes, in our collection. We have worked with our models in their homes to show you that whatever your lifestyle and requirements  we are here for you, to tailor make the perfect festive outfit, which will also see you through the rest of the year…. And beyond.

In the same time that you would spend searching the rails around the shops, we can take your exact measurements and use them to  produce the perfect made to measure outfit. You will receive your piece beautifully packaged in a matter of a couple of days maximum.

Meet Nicola Clements mum of two

Photographed by Maja @cellixa_photoworld

Nicola and I have a long history, starting when we worked together for a contemporary womenswear brand based in Dubai. Nicola interviewed me for my first job here and we have been inseparable ever since.  I particularly miss our trips to Hong Kong and China, where we were suckers for Korean labels and as well as working ;) we loved to hunt down the best markets and contemporary Asian fashion stores.

Now fast forward a few years, Nicola is based at home, in a beautiful, bright type 9 villa in the Ranches with her husband two children, and is planning her next career move.

Walking into the villa, we immediately fallin in love with Nicola’s living room space, where there are shelves with interesting colourful retro glass ornaments, collected from her travels. Three colourful abstract prints capture our eye and sit amongst cool green plants. Our Wear The House for 800 Tailor cushions pick up all the colours perfectly.

Photographed by Maja @cellixa_photoworld

Nicola is over 6ft tall, and struggles to find a suit that has sleeves that are long enough and shorts that are longer in the leg.  Nicola has selected a clean-cut neckline blazer and masculine pleated front shorts in pink linen, ( with a gold thread running through) allowing you to take this suit from Day to Night. Nicola has styled the suit with a burgundy high neck sleeveless knit top, tucked into the shorts and a dark burgundy/brown leather belt.

Photographed by Maja @cellixa_photoworld

The set can also be styled with T-shirts for more of a casual look or with one of our crop tops for a sharper or evening styling.


Photographed by Maja @cellixa_photoworld

We asked Nicola, How did you find 2020, what are your wishes for 2021? Nicola replied "Its been a tough year! However feeling thankful to finally be able to see my family from the UK and to see the joy, happiness and smiles it brought to my children's faces. To feel that first hug and sharing something as simple as a family meal fundamentally brings you back together." My wishes are for my family to stay safe and healthy.

Meet Miri Najarian Khayat Interior Designer


Photographed by Maja @cellixa_photoworld

Miri is an interior designer based in Dubai, and we featured her stunning home in November’s Blog post and we can’t get enough of her colourful interiors. Miri and her home are also featured in this month’s Harper’s Bazaar Interiors along with our Wear The House cushions. We are excited that our cushions are on show in  her home on the cover page.

Miri has a petite frame and struggles to find a trouser than elongates her legs. Our high-wasted, pleated front trouser instantly gives her a longer look and is super flattering on her shape. Miri chose a nude linen for the trousers paired with a pink taffeta crop top, with an extra-long (stitched embroidered) tie styled in a bow at  the front. Miri layered the piece over one of her silver sequin sparkle tops to create more drama. You can never have too many sparkles, especially at this time of year.


Photographed by Maja @cellixa_photoworld

We photographed Miri in front of her famous wall of fabulous art, and our new cushions in silver organza and pink taffeta matched perfectly with Miri’s colours and matched her outfit,  demonstrating that you really can Wear The House.

We asked Miri what have you taken away from 2020, what are you grateful for? Miri replied “Grateful for surviving the year and spending more time with close family and friends”



Photographed by Maja @cellixa_photoworld

Meet Aseya Nasib 

Photographed by Maja @cellixa_photoworld

Aseya Nasib is an Emirati-American soulful entrepreneur, mental health care advocate and women’s holistic empowerment and self-love coach. Her goal is to help women unlock their personal power through self-love and a strong relationship with their inner selves. Her brand, The Magic of Being, is a body-positive and inclusive holistic self-care brand that believes life is magical and so are you. The brand encompasses an online destination with the tools, tips and resources to help women step into their most powerful selves.

From meeting Aseya you are immediately attracted by her fun, friendly, and incredibly warm personality.  

Aseya struggles to find fun party dresses that support and flatter her curves. We wanted to make her feel body confident and comfortable in our pink taffeta, off the shoulder, short dress with removable puff sleeves. The dress is super fun and matches Aseya’s personality perfectly. This shade of pink was very complimentary on her warm skin tone.

Photographed by Maja @cellixa_photoworld

I invited Aseya to shoot with me in my home, as both of her parents are elderly and shielding at home. We shot the styles in my favorite hallway spot, where I’ve been working during this crazy year. The hallway opens onto our pink garden, which has helped me find peace and relaxation during stressful and unsettling moments.

I love the shot of us here together wearing party dresses from the collection, demonstrating  that whatever your shape or size you can find the perfect dress, made to measure, from our collaboration with 800 Tailor.

I am wearing our 70’s Vintage style dress with pleated skirt and slits, with puff sleeves,  in spectacular silver (of course!) styled with a pair of my favorite heels.

We asked Aseya, how have you found 2020? What are you taking away from this tricky year? Aseya replied

“ 2020 broke me. I suffered a severe mental health crisis over the summer, and it forced me to evaluate what was and wasn’t working for me. The silver lining of breaking down is that you can rebuild with a stronger foundation, in any way that you choose. While this year was incredibly painful for me, it shoved me out of my comfort zone and also allowed me to let go of what was no longer serving me. Ultimately giving me the space and courage to rise from the ashes, stronger than before and I am incredibly grateful for that”.


Photographed by Maja @cellixa_photoworld

Meet Silke and Yana, mother and daughter

Photographed by Maja @cellixa_photoworld

Silke has been an expat for the past 30 years and lived in 8 different countries. " I have been in Dubai for the last 2 years. I was born in Germany, but raised in Central America."

Silke's interest in colour, fashion and style began at a very young age, when she worked at a fashion show as a model . In Singapore and Dubai she had the opportunity to work on shows as well, but both times as a stylist and backstage manager.

A personal stylist and an expert, whether styling editorial shoots for small brands or helping her personal clients define the style that fits their lifestyle, body shape and color palette, sustainability and empowering women is my main focus. 

As a champion for quality clothing and slow fashion, reusing and restyling the items we already own,  we knew immediately that Silke was the perfect person to collaborate with and that she would understand our drive to reduce over producing ( creating less waste), and to create a collection that meets each individual’s needs and will carry you through the seasons and years ahead.

We were also lucky to work with her daughter Yana who is getting ready to leave Dubai to start her career in London as a trainee solicitor.

Both women said the hardest thing they found to buy was tailoring, Silke had taken her daughter to try on many suits and found it impossible to find something that ticked all the boxes. .  

Working with Yana, we designed a suit set in black linen which would  give her a smart but relaxed work look, suitable now and into the spring season. We paired a soft black linen jacket with denim stitched details, removable shoulder pads, and statement oversized buttons, with a matching high waisted pleated skirt that can be dressed up or down with heels or boots. For the shoot, we added one of our reversible crop tops, one side silver and one side black, allowing an easy switch to take this look from day to night.


Photographed by Maja @cellixa_photoworld

Silke chose one of my favorite styles, the silver suit, with the high waisted  pleated trousers, with matching collarless jacket and a reversable crop top in silver and pink (allowing her to play with the look and have fun). Again, like Miri, Silke has the option to style the crop top over t-shirts and shirts, and paired with the silver trousers without the blazer for more of a casual, relaxed look.

Photographed by Maja @cellixa_photoworld

The silver blazer itself can be styled over party dresses or over denim  to add a bit more drama. Either way these pieces are here to stay in your closet and designed to be worn over and over again.

Photographed by Maja @cellixa_photoworld

We asked Silke to reflect on 2020, what are you thankful for? Silke replied; 

"What have I learned in 2020?  Definitely to slow down, being present and learning that less is more. Being more selective with the people that surround me and accepting the situations as it is. I am very thankful that I was able to reconnect with old friends. Using the time to learn more about virtual styling, sustainability and slow fashion has opened a completely new window of opportunities."

What I wish for 2021? Health for all of us and that we learn from the past  experiences and are not afraid to take risks and create new opportunities and solutions.

Photographed by Maja @cellixa_photoworld


As with many of you, 2020 has proven a difficult and challenging year,  As a small brand, Wear The House has had to work hard at diversifying our products. When covid and lockdown happened, we were unsure whether our silk pyjamas and cushions would continue to sell, especially as at the time customers were experiencing job and financial insecurities.  We stayed positive and communicated this through our posters and the response was amazing.  So for us, positivity has been key, even when you don’t really feel  too positive. We also feel the benefit from our network  and staying connected, reaching out to those around us.

This takes me to the end of this story of amazing women and collaborating with women and female  owned businesses.  I give you the Wear The House for 800 Tailors collection, you can preview and order the collection online, let us come to your home and take your measurements and deliver your custom made piece in a matter of days.


Photographed by Maja @cellixa_photoworld

Here's to a Happily Ever After to 2020, Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. xxx

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