Wear The House is a feel-good company, first and foremost.

The Mission of our brand is to uplift your mood and help you escape the ordinary through our prism of color and pattern. We want to elevate your interiors beyond what you think is possible by blurring the lines between fashion, art and celebrity.

Co-founders Jennifer and David are creative inventors on a mission to push the boundaries of interior design with their bold, colorful and unique products.

"We believe there is an intrinsic link between how you dress and how you dress your home or WEAR THE HOUSE, and this is our driving force!"

Our interior product collections are inspired by our passion for fashion, art and standing out from the crowd. We design and produce collections of rugs, cushions, tableware, furniture and accessories for the home that no one else in the interiors market is producing. 

All our products are unique and designed in-house, bringing something different to every home.

We want our Art to inspire you to think differently and find your happy place within your own home.