At Wear The House, we are more than just a company – we are a community-driven brand committed to spreading positivity and sparking creativity.

Founded by Jennifer and David Black, we are passionate about revolutionizing interior design with vibrant colors and distinctive patterns. Our mission is to elevate your environment and inspire joy by offering bold, one-of-a-kind products that redefine the boundaries of home and workplace aesthetics.

From rugs and pillows to tableware, furniture, and accessories, each item in our collection is meticulously designed in-house to bring a unique touch to every space.

Driven by our belief in the powerful connection between personal style and interior expression, we encourage you to embrace your individuality and discover your 'happy place' within your home or workplace.

By seamlessly blending fashion, art, and interior design, we aim to transform your interiors into vibrant reflections of your personality.

At Wear The House, we invite you to join us in celebrating creativity, color, and community as we continue to innovate and inspire.