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Flower Art by and Photo Credits @byfranki_

We are very happy to present to you our second homeware collection, The Vintage Heritage collection, inspired by founder Jennifer Black's much loved family pieces.

Photo credits @byfranki_


Just a year ago, my Grandma Barbara passed away, the sweetest Grandma I could have asked for. I’m sorry that I wasn't able to say goodbye to her in person, but I'm happy to be able to celebrate her memory through my new collection.

Flower Art by and Photo Credits @byfranki_

 After Grandma passed away, I inherited a number of vintage embroidered tablecloths, and after looking into our family tree, I discovered that some of my distant relatives were cloth makers.  This inspired me to work on an embroidered tablecloth collection also featuring matching statement cushions.

Grandma’s vintage hand embroidered tablecloths

My Grandma and my Nanny were both very creative, when I was a girl they would always make me the prettiest dresses.

Nanny Joyce and Grandma Barbara 

My Grandma also loved her garden, particularly her roses, some of which she had been given by friends to commemorate special occasions, like their Golden Wedding anniversary.  This is why the rose motif features within our range.


My Grandpa died some years ago, he loved to paint and that was a passion we shared. His paintings filled their home, and all the family have paintings he dedicated to them, he painted landscapes of the places they loved, and places we spent time as a family.

We created our pink tapestry landscape cushion with one of Grandpa's landscapes. The landscape is a woodland scene by a lake and features small ducks. The cushion has a pink cotton fringe detail and a vintage inspired tartan check in mohair for the reverse.

Our Wear the House collections feature repeating themes and colours, this cushion showcases our signature pink, and also picks out the orange detail running through the rest of the collection.
Depending on mood, you can style the cushion either way. 

 Photo credits @byfranki_



This Collection features a cross-stitch rose, which was inspired by my Grandma’s friendship roses.  On the knitted wool cushion, the rose appears more obviously pixelated, knitted with a pretty pink sparkle lurex thread.

The rose leaves are deliberately not your typical leaf shade, colour instead we highlighted them with silver sparkle lurex and a contrasting navy thread to make them less traditional and more suited to contemporary interior design. On the reverse we have a contrast sparkling navy knit with contrasting pink ruffle.

Photo credits @byfranki_

The tablecloth, napkins and tea towel all feature the pink rose, again with a lurex sparkle running though the design, the products also feature a delicate vintage scallop edge stitch. (inspired by a vintage dress hem!)

Collection pieces beautifully captured here by photographer Francesca- @byfranki_


The table range also features a retro geometric design, moving our rose in a different direction. Our retro geo flower design stylises the flower petals and reflects the scallop edge stitch detail. For this set, the colours are brighter, giving a real pop to the delicate pinks from the cross stitch rose.


Photo credits @byfranki_ 

The cutlery used for the shoot was a vintage silver range handed down to me by my Great Auntie Annie, and the exquisite engraving details work beautifully with the range.

Photo credits @byfranki_ 

The retro geo flower design also features a pink lurex knitted woolen reverse, with contrast navy ruffle adding that unexpected pop of colour and encouraging you to play with your interiors.

All three of the cushions in this collection have the same colours running through their designs and themes,  making them the perfect partners, just like my Grandma and Grandpa. 

 Flower Art by and Photo Credits @byfranki_

 Vintage brooches passed down to me by my Nanny featured within the table decoration.


I would like to say a special thank you to Gosha who captured the mood of this collection to perfection with an extraordinary display of flowers. If this isn't art, I don't know what is! 

 Flower Art by and Photo Credits @byfranki_

A Special Thank you to photographer Francesca- @byfranki_ for capturing the collection in the most perfect way.


Tapestry Embroidered cushion 390 AED

Friendship Rose knitted cushion 390 AED

Retro geo flower knitted cushion 390 AED 


A set of 4 Embroidered Napkins 176 AED

A pair of Embroidered Tea Towels 176 AED

Embroidered Tableware set 532 AED

Flower Power Tea Towel 89 AED

A set of 2 Printed Tea Towels 128 AED

A set of 4 Printed Napkins 128 AED 

Cushions are 100% Wool and Tablecloths 100% Cotton

Happy Shopping 


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